ERP Solution for Profitable Poultry Farming

Info on your finger tips
  • Cost of production per Egg / Chick/ Broiler Bird / Feed
  • Production Performance of each unit i.e. Brooding & Growing, Laying, Hatchery, Commercial Farms
  • Mortality%, Feed consumption per Bird, Depletion %, HE %, Hatch %, FCR, EEF, etc. on any given date
  • Goal Vs Actual Performance Comparison
  • Updated Stock of any item / location at any given point of time

Poultry Management Solution, “Aves” is LAN/Internet/Mobile enabled

The solution enables managing of Poultry Business efficiently and effectively through a centralized system

The solution is designed to manage end to end requirements of poultry businesses across the spectrum

The solution tightly integrates data across

  • Brooding / Growing
  • Laying
  • Hatchery
  • Commercial farms
  • Feed Mill
  • Retail (Chicken Processing)

It is designed to be used by people with minimum computer knowledge

Aves Features & Functionalities

Move away from the Traditional System to State of the Art, Online Solution for better insights into operational efficiency & cost

The solution is tightly integrated across various functions and operations so as to provide the users with updated and online information enabling informed and enhanced decision making capability

General feautures


The solution is architected to ensure scalability as well flexibility so that in future as well as new modules could be added seamlessly.

The system is designed to be used by people who have minimum knowledge of computers

Easy to use, user Friendly GUI
Multi-level and feature based Security
Data capturing through Mobile over wireless
Work Flow based Approvals
Alerts when there is deviation from set standards
Integration with Tally accounting software
Integration with weigh bridge data
Audit Trial

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